Individual and Couples Sessions

Daren De Witt offers individual and couple sessions of Identity Therapy, for people who would prefer to explore their issues privately rather than in a group context.  All sessions are currently taking place online, though Daren may be able to see you in Hastings, East Sussex.  Contact Daren to discuss this option.

How Do The Individual Sessions work?

See our page About Identity Therapy for an overview of Identity Therapy theory.

As with the group sessions, in a private session you will first create a Sentence of Intention based on the issue that you want to explore.  It could be something like: ‘I want to be happier in my life’, or ‘I want to feel less anxious’ or ‘I want to care about myself.’  You write the sentence on an A4 paper so that it is visible and can be referred to during the session.

To contain the dynamics in the session, you choose just three words from your sentence of intention to explore.  You write each of these three words on a separate piece of paper (a quarter A4 size).  You arrange these three words/papers on the floor or on your desk in a configuration that feels right to you.

The configuration itself will reveal to you useful information about what is going on for you in relation to your intention.  For example, the distance between different words or the direction in which they are facing can indicate something about the relationship between these parts within yourself.

With the support of the facilitator you will start to explore your relationship to these words by feeling into each of them in turn.  You will find that each of them will reveal an aspect of your inner experience in relation to your sentence of intention.  You are invited to pay attention to the feelings, thoughts, sensations, etc, which begin to surface in you, and to share them with the facilitator.  The facilitator will guide you and offer suggestions to help you connect with the deeper significance that lies within your sentence of intention and the elements within it.

As with the group sessions, powerful insights and feelings may arise for you during the session.  For this reason, you are invited to proceed at your own pace and you can pause – or end – the session at any time and sit down and discuss any aspect of what you are experiencing.  With the support of the facilitator you can decide when you have gained the understanding and clarity from the session that you need for now.

Sessions are usually 1 hour & 20 minutes or 1 hour & 50 minutes in length.  This usually allows sufficient time to cpmplete a constellation with a sentence of intention.  50 minute sessions are also possible, though it may be that you don’t complete your exploration in one session, in which case you can carry it over to a future session.  You can attend sessions at a frequency of your own choosing – weekly, fortnightly, monthly or other.

Couples Sessions

Our relationship conflicts often originate in the unconscious psychological dynamics of our childhood.  In a couples session, you will each have an opportunity to create an intention relevant to your relationship and to do a piece of work/constellation based on this intention.  During the session your partner will observe your process.

As you see your partner come into contact with his or her past experience you will gain a deeper understanding of what is creating the dynamics in your relationship.  As each one of you comes into better contact with yourselves the chances that you can see each other more clearly grow.  This will support you both to meet each others deeper needs whilst maintaining healthy boundaries.  Sharing this experience with your partner will allow a deepening and enhancing your intimacy.

At the end of the session you will both have an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings emerging from the experience.

A constellation process for one person typically lasts for between 60 to 80 minutes.  If both partners wish to complete a constellation process during the same session then it is possible to book a longer session of 2 and a half to 3 hours in length.

Locations and Availability

Due to changes in habits resulting from the Covid19 pandemic, Daren is currently only working online or in Hastings, East Sussex.  He hopes at some point to resume workshops and individual sessions in London.  Daren is available for sessions on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 10am-8pm, as well as on Saturdays when he is not facilitating a workshop.