Identity Therapy Constellations Workshops

Love, Trauma & Identity – Constellations Workshop in London

To enquire about or book on a workshop please email:  identitytherapy[at]  Dates and prices are outlined below.

We invite you to look at yourself from a different perspective; to explore your identity as it was formed through your early childhood experiences and traumas in your family. Identity therapy will help you to gain an understanding of how your early life experiences are influencing you on a daily basis.

Step by step you will be able to:

* separate yourself from what others wanted you to be
* trust yourself
* make clear and positive choices
* honour your feelings as well as your body
* maintain healthy loving relationships
* become the person you want to be

What Happens on a workshop?

These one-day workshops are an opportunity for 3 or 4 people to engage in a self-encounter process or ‘constellation’. In each process one person will come up with an intention to explore an area in his or her life. For example, “I want to know why I am anxious around other people.” This ‘sentence of intention’ will provide the framework for that person’s process. Other members of the group support the exploration by participating in the process.

Everyone in the group can benefit from the experience, learning something about themselves either through participating or observing.

Next Workshop Dates:

Date: Saturday 16th March 2019. Location: 5 Gore Rd, Victoria Park Village, Hackney London E9 7HR. 
Date:  Saturday 13th April 2019.    Location:   to be confirmed – either London E9 or London NW10.
Date: Saturday 18th May 2019. Location: to be confirmed – either London E9 or London NW10.

Workshops Times:

Each workshop runs from 9.45am – 6.15pm.

Price and Booking:

You can choose from two types of workshop place. Both offer personal insights, learning and healing.

Working place – £85:  Guarantees you a personal constellation

Participant place – £55:  Available as representative in the constellations

Working places are limited and fill up quickly. If time allows it may be possible to upgrade to a working place on the day.

Workshops are one day in length (10am- 6pm) and take place roughly once a month. Each workshop is self-contained, so you can attend one or attend regularly.

The workshop provides a safe environment in which to explore early life experiences. These experiences can evoke strong feelings relating to early trauma. Sometimes participants might feel the need for support between sessions to process these feelings. If you don’t have access to support you are welcome to discuss this with us.

To Book on a Workshop

To enquire about or book on a workshop please email:  identitytherapy[at]

All we need to process traumas is stored in our body and appears in this practice when we need it.
— Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert